Do you know Japanese Top Idol “Doll☆Elements”? 世界の皆にどるえれの魅力をお届け♥



Doll☆Elements is Idol group in Japan, formed with 5 beautiful girls, and have released 4 major singles and an album so far.

This video introduces their attractive points and kawaii songs, to let audience know about Doll☆Elements more.
・Members introduction
・About the group
・Their Dream
・Message for fans
・Trying speaking English for overseas J-pop fans!
Those above you can watch from this video!

If you are interested in them, please check their web-site! Cheers!

権田 夏海(Natsumi Gonda)
外崎 梨香(Rika Tonosaki)
小泉 遥(Haruka Koizumi)
小島 瑠那(Runa Kojima)
小森 ゆきの(Yukino Komori)

◆ 1st Major Debut single
君のハートに解き放つ! Kimi no Heart ni Tokihanatsu!
◇ 2nd Major Debut single
君のコト守りたい! Kimi no Koto Mamoritai!
◆ 3rd Major Debut single
君のトナリで踊りたい! Kimi no Tonari de Odoritai!
◇ 4th Major Debut single
君のネガイ叶えたい! Kimi no Negai Kanaetai!
◎ 1st Album
「私たちいつでも君の味方だよ Doll☆Elementsです!」Watashitachi Itsudemo Kimi no Mikata dayo. Doll☆Elements desu!



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